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JavaScript String Methods | JavaScript #12

// let name = "Sage"
// console.log(name.length)

// escape sequence Character will be counted as per alphabat
// other escape sequence Character are as follow
// \n --> Newline
// \t --> Tab
// \r --> Carring Return

// console.log(name.toUpperCase())
// console.log(name.toLowerCase())

// Index (Rember Index counting will start from 0)

// console.log(name.slice(2, 4))
// console.log(name.slice(2,))

// if you give only 1 argument in slice method than from 1st argument it will go till the end

// Replace Method will replace the alphabat or paticular word from it place and put another one

// console.log(name.replace("age","vsk"))
// let friend = "Shiv"
// console.log(name.concat(" is a friend of ",friend, " ok"))

// let friend2 = " Hanuman "
// console.log(friend2.trim())

let name = "John"
for(let i=0; i<(name.length); i++) {

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Code Craft-Fun with Javascript

Nice! Keep it up.

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Siddharth Kanojiya

Thank you so much my friend I will definitely check out , I am writing code on replit please check out work and suggest me how i can improve I am leaving link please check out and suggest me what should i do to improve my self

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There is many many more but nice start :)

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excellent work