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Discussion on: Should I buy a kindle?

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hahaha. Yep! :)

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jess unrein

I have a paperwhite - I think it's maybe a year and a half old - and you can send pdfs and independently acquired .mobi files as "documents" that get sent to your Kindle via email. They don't whispersync, but other than that they work fine on my device. I think you can also drag and drop files to your kindle if it's plugged into your computer via usb.

.ebub files need to be converted to .mobi or .pdf to work. Calibre makes that pretty easy though.

I've never used a Kindle Fire, but I haven't heard many good things about them. It's a poor example of both a tablet and an ereader because it's trying to do too many things.

Definitely recommend the paperwhite, though. It's maybe one of my favorite things that I own, especially since my local public library has a great ebook selection.