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Discussion on: Nobody can ever teach you something

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While I agree with you that self motivation is a big part of it, the right teaching strategy definitely matters in what is learnt. I dont know much about how universities teach CS but as a CS teacher for 14 years I can safely say my story is different. Students I have worked with not only have grown into mature developers but also have inspired several others like them to take an interest in computer science. A teacher's job is not to collect information and stuff it into student's minds. That almost never works. But if the teacher is able to create a sense of wonder, ignite an interest and allow kids to pursue it in their own ways, a lot of productive teaching/learning can happen.

This applies to any subject.

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Sergiu Mureşan Author

Great explanation and I agree completely! If you can light that curiosity candle in your students, ask the right questions to guide them to the answer rather than just giving the answer out is what makes a good teacher.

Many of the teachers I encountered in CS degrees were just like an information store, not much more and this resulted in most students only asking the teacher for questions without trying to figure it out for themselves (some did not even know how to use Google to solve some simple issues in their code).