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Give Feedback on my Project

skorotkiewicz profile image Sebastian Korotkiewicz ・1 min read


For a few days I've been working on an open source comment system that works serverless, as a bonus, there is also kudos on each comment form.

I'd like to ask you what you think about my project?

I've been looking for a long time for ready-made solutions, but I haven't found anything that would work Serverless, Commento or Isso does not work severless.

The project is open source, the demo can be found on kucos.js.org

And the source code on GitHub kucosjs/kucos


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What is the tech stack used?


The server is written in NodeJS and the client in pure JS :)
No heavy libraries like jQuery.


What about the database, and possibly authentication?

Related are indeed security and privacy.

Kucos uses MongoDB (Mongoose) as a database, thanks to Mongo Atlas you can host for free 500mb which is a lot of space for comments.

I never planned the authorization, I wanted everyone without registering to quickly comment on the blog post.

But everyone can fork a project and add an authorization, it wouldn't be so hard :)


You have to be extra careful about mobile UX and deep nested comments.