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Discussion on: 7 Steps to Become an Expert Software Developer Without Endless Online Courses Or Waiting For Years

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Matthew Cory

Fair enough, but in light of the remainder of the article I took it as "forget about doing these things, they won't help - my services will!" If anyone thinks that writing a tech blog - or any such focused-content blog - will take them from beginner to expert they're going to be sorely disappointed. (Well, it might help them along the way as a writer or communicator, but even that's not very likely.) You'll get an added benefit from researching topics, or getting feedback if you're lucky enough to get legitimate feedback and not just trolls or spam. It won't take you from asking "what's a compiler?" to principal r&d engineer at Google though.

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Dragos Nedelcu

Matthew, of course writing a blog is a great exercise for any developer and almost a must after a few years writing code. Yet, timing is crucial. If you are just starting out oh only a few years in your dev career you are better off working on those skills. Seeing big and small projects fail and succeed and building the backbone of your technical career. The software community is one big noisy pothole right now, this article is intended to cut through the noise. And of course if someone wants expert help, I believe they would definitely benefit from my services :) Cheers

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