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Choosing an IOT framework for homemade projects

My project is still going on, I've some other posts in draft ready to post but before I need to put some more details.

Now, I learned that low cost 433Mhz radio stuff is almost shit and for this reason I moved to a different technology.

In my environment all the spaces inside as well as outside are well covered by wifi. I think this is a quite common situation and in the worst cases I can install some hardware to increase the signal power so ok: this solution sounds quite good and also SoCs are very cheap and simple to use.

Today's goal is choose an IOT cloud framework to let my little IOT objects communicate between them without reinventing the wheel.

I started from by looking on Platforms ordered by last updated:

1. Grandeur

Build, scale and manage IoT products with Grandeur as your universal backend.
10 projects and 27 members

quite young system, open source. Not so bad: a nice example here

but it seems more related to dev html pages and control devices or monitor variables, this is not what I want, I beleave in manual, toucheable, sensefull controls (buttons, scrolls, visibile leds, I'd like to avoid smartphone apps, one more drop into the sea of useless notifications!). I need an IOT framework to draw workflows.

2. Blynk

Blynk is the most popular IoT platform designed to connect your devices to the cloud, create apps to control them, and manage thousands of deployed products
564 projects and 8,123 members

I think I'll try to make a prototype with this! It permit to define devices with virtual pins used to get and post messages from the cloud.
It's shipped with a nice wifi provisioning library that uses a firmware part and a blynk application to do it. I'll append three stories to my github issues: - PoC for WiFi provisioning, PoC for sending data, PoC for reading data and see what happen!

3. Microsoft

Connect your assets with Microsoft's IoT software and hardware, gain deep insights—improve your decision making, in real-time.
1,777 projects and 61,046 members

Maybe later, maybe never

4. ThingSpeak

Collect IoT sensor data, analyze and transform data with MATLAB, and act with IFTTT. Join the community of 350,000 makers, students, and engineers building IoT.
334 projects and 3,163 members

Matlab plugin to integrate IOT devices and data. The main purpose is data anaysis, this is not what I'm looking for

5. Particle

Build internet-connected hardware. Particle gives you the tools to connect everyday electronics to the internet.
1,545 projects and 18,099 members

This will be probably the next :) It seems nice and I need to deepen.

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