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4 Ways You Can “Level Up” As A Developer

Matthew Collison on July 26, 2019

The lines between different “levels” of developer are blurry. Ask any senior developer, development manager or technical director what the differen... [Read Full]
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Isn't that only at the night theme
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Mario Mushrooms?
or regular mushrooms?
If it's the former then we better start pleading to Nintendo for permission!

Piracy! Dear Nintendo please be remembered forever more by adding mario mushrooms to the official emoji specification. Quite honestly I'm shocked that more companies have not capitalized on emojifying thier products!


Thanks for the article! You forgot to mention functional programming. It is totally different to OOP and forces you to almost forget things you know and start anew. But there is no way back to OOP after you switch. :)


Love this point! We’re learning Golang at the moment so it’s a very relevant point - I think it goes both ways.

Just learning different high-level paradigms and getting a good understanding of them to the point where you have more tools for the job is great.


Are there any 1-UP(s) to save you in case something goes horribly wrong, or is my debugger in another castle?


Damn it, I wrote this on my iPad and was going to put mario in the cover image! That’s happening later tonight. Thanks for the laugh 😂


I wish I had seen this article earlier, I totally would have included it in my senior developer article roundup! Great stuff!


Thanks for this article!

I have another one: writing blog post. It's a wonderful way to learn. You will need to research your subject, trying to be as accurate as possible (and therefore learn a ton) and learn from the feedback as well.


What a great read! Very helpful to people like me who are just starting out.


So glad it’s been helpful Memri! Please check out other posts in the series as we’ve tried to produce as much helpful content for beginners as we possibly can. Have a great day!


Mahdi - you’re awesome! Thank you so much for going through all the effort to do this! We hope your Persian readers really benefit from the tips we laid out here.


Can’t stress enough how much can be learned from looking at the source of your fav’ libraries.

Definitely something I wished I had done earlier in my career. It really improved my perspective.


For sure! Same here, the framework we build our infrastructure on (Laravel) is something that we understood 100x better once we dug into the source code, plus it gave us insights into how enterprise scale code works. It’s so cool! Thanks for sharing


Will you please write an article explaining "contribute to open-source"?


Yes! Thanks for the suggestion Muhammad 👍


Love the article! Very suitable for a Junior developer as myself. I also think that it is important to have a good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms.

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