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Svelte with Tailwind CSS

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Yet another Svelte and Tailwind CSS installation post.

I have been looking through several guides on how to install Tailwind CSS in Svelte and this is my final way of doing it. I am in no way an expert in this and there are definitely many correct ways of doing it.

Heavily influenced by these posts:

Required: A Svelte installation

Step 1 - Install dependencies

There is a package called svelte-preprocess that will handle all CSS processing so there is no need to change the npm scripts.

npm install -D svelte-preprocess postcss tailwindcss autoprefixer
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Step 2 - Setup configuration files


// tailwind.config.js
const production = !process.env.ROLLUP_WATCH; // Or some other env var like NODE_ENV
module.exports = {
  future: { // For Tailwind 2.0 upcoming changes
    purgeLayersByDefault: true, 
    removeDeprecatedGapUtilities: true,
  plugins: [],
  purge: {
    content: [
    enabled: production // Disable purge in dev
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In your rollup.config.js add the import and the other lines in the bottom of the svelte section.

import sveltePreprocess from "svelte-preprocess";
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    // etc...
    preprocess: sveltePreprocess({
        sourceMap: !production,
        postcss: {
            plugins: [
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Step 3 - Add the Tailwind styles to the app

Now in your App.svelte or Layout.svelte add this:

<style global lang="postcss">
    @tailwind base;
    @tailwind components;
    @tailwind utilities;  
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This was heavily influenced by these posts:

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