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re: I totally follow your reasoning but for me it's walking a very thin line - you're basically asking to be lied nicely. Even a well researched answer...

Agree with most of your points. Again, the intent is figuring out to what extend the candidate makes effort to know about the company or product. Ultimately, technology is an enabler.
As also stated in my article, I would definitely not solely base my hiring decision on this question, but it'll definitely give me a chance to figure out how well the candidate is able to percieve a question that's not direct and make sense of it. In the real world, often solutioning and designing of things not exclusively stated in the requirement is far more valuable than just do what was told.
But, your points are totally valid and several of them had pointed out in twitter as well. In such a case, I would rather look to hire a person who takes the effort to find out more about the company and the role, rather than just turning up for the interview.
Thank you taking the time to read the article and share your views on the same. I appreciate it!!

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