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How to intall Node JS 16.20.2 in windows 7 (32/64 bit)

You want to work with React JS framework, but u hv downloaded Node version 13.0,,,as U have windows 7 Pc and it only support upto version 13

•React JS supports at 16=> version, so u have to download NODE JS 16...

Here the process how u download Node JS 16.20.2 in your windows 7 PC

To install Node JS 16.20.2 version
at first if u have already installed any versions of node JS below version 16 uninstall that, then

u have to Search on google :

  1. ("node JS download"), go to official site
  2. scroll down, there will be a option named Previous Releases
  3. tap on it
  4. then go to version 16.20.2
  5. Choice as per requirement, if u are using 32 bit architecture then select 32 bit
    if u r using 64 bit architecture then
    64 bit

  6. after downloading, extract the folder

  7. copy the files of that extracted folder

  8. make a folder in C drive named - node32

  9. inside that folder(node32) paste all the files that u have copied

  10. copy the folder path and paste it into environment variables system variables path in ur system.(advanced system settings ->environment variables)

  11. make a new User Variable name it as NODE_PATH set the value of that on that inside that node32 folder u will see a folder named node modules, enter the folder then copy that folder path of that folder(node modules),

  12. and paste it onto that NODE_PATH variable value

  13. make another system variables Named NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK , and set the value 1

  14. Now click ok,

  15. after doing all above process, turn on command prompt and type on it node --version press enter
    it will show u current installed node version as v16.20.2

Now, all set u are good to go to install react Js on windows 7...

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