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Cannot find module 'lib/axios'- nuxt 2.15.8 + vite integration error

Vite is a modern frontend build tool that provides an extremely fast development environment and bundles your code for production. It will change your development experience with super fast hot reloading 🚅.

But there is an issue with nuxt 2.15.8 in integration. You will get an error called - Cannot find module 'lib/axios'

So fix that, let's start from begging I mean from installation part-
To install vite with simple command

Official site link

npm i -D nuxt-vite
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Add to buildModules in nuxt.config.js

  buildModules: [
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And now you will get this error Cannot find module 'lib/axios'. This problem comes from vite version. Let's downgrade, then our error will be gone.

In package.json file downgrade vite version "nuxt-vite: 0.3.5" to "nuxt-vite": "^0.2.4"

Then again install all dependencies by

npm install
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Now you can run npm run dev and enjoy vite blessing fast speed.

If you are in 1st place I mean you are going to install vite you can install specific version by

npm install nuxt-vite@0.2.4
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kissu profile image
Konstantin BIFERT

Damn, never knew you could use Nuxt2 with Vite!
Meanwhile, it looks like this module is actually deprecated:

Not sure that it's the best to use such package so. 😅

siumhossain profile image

This package is actually deprecated 😂