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Nevertheless, Jess Bell from DCFemTech and Washington Post,Coded

I began coding because...

I felt trapped in a career with little upward movement and I loved tinkering with websites. After teaching myself a bit to do my job as a digital media coordinator better, I realized that coding is fantastically creative and extremely rewarding, however challenging it may be!

I'm currently hacking on...

Apps that support quality journalism at The Washington Post.

I'm excited about...

How many women are getting into tech!! I help run DCFemTech, a women's coding collective in Washington DC, and daily I get requests about how to get involved, how to learn how to code, and how to give back once women are in the tech community.

My advice for other women who code is...

Literally just start learning - learn the basics and add to that repository of knowledge as you go. NEVER be ashamed of where you are in YOUR learning journey. Ask for help from everyone - if someone throws shade at you for asking, most likely you have uncovered someone's fear of being 'found out' as not knowing what they are talking about - lets break this narrative - we all know things, and are at different parts of our learning, together we can make super fabulous, accessible, maintainable software!

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