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Moshe Uminer for SirixDB

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pysirix Alpha Release

I am really excited to announce, that we have released a python client SDK for interacting with the SirixDB database.

SirixDB has many important technical features, but its outstanding feature is the persistency of every version of your data (JSON or XML).

This means that even should your data be tampered with, you can see what the original data was.

Also if you accidentally stored incorrect information (say, a wrong address), and then changed it, you can also check what you stored before the data was corrected (in case you need to know why the package was shipped to the wrong address 😉).

SirixDB stores all your data, past and present, but there is still much work to be done. Among them, an easy way to interact with the database. And that is why the new pysirix library is a big deal; it makes it easy to connect to the database, without needing to write custom queries and calls to the REST API.

pysirix is still in its early stages, with lots of features missing (especially from the higher level abstractions), but we hope you'll try it out, and file bug reports of course 😄.

You can download the package from PyPI and find the API documentation on Read the Docs. There is a tutorial on the SirixDB website.

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