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How to Install and configure SonarQube with SonarScanner for generating sonar Report for your…

  1. Steps to Install SonarQube :

* Go to and click Download LTS

* Once download is complete, Unzip your sonar file in your C or D drive.

* Go to {Your root path}\sonarqube-6.7.1\bin\windows-x8664 and click . on StartSonar.bat file.

It will start a Sonar server at localhost:9000 , You can login to your Sonar with following preset credentials.

username : admin

password : admin

  1. Steps to Install Sonar-scanner :

* Go to and click Windows 64 bit.

* Once download is complete, Unzip the file and save it to your C or D drive.

* You can set path variable for Sonar-scanner by adding {Your root path}\sonar-scanner\bin to your path

  1. Steps to Generate sonar Report:

* Go to Your projects root directory.

* Execute the following command.

sonar-scanner -D sonar.projectKey="YOUR SONAR PROJECT KEY" -D sonar.sources=."PATH TO YOUR JAVASCRIPT SOURCE FOLDER" -D

  1. Configuring Your javascript Quality profile:

* Once You are logged In, Click On Quality Profiles and then click dropdown button next to create.

* Click Restore Profile and the import your custom JavaScript-profile XML, Browse the javascript profile & upload it.

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