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Deploy Solr Search Engine into a Pantahub device(RPI3)

sirin k
Engineering the future of connected Linux devices in the Cloud @Pantacor
・1 min read

Step 1: Add new app "solr" into the device

$ pvr app add solr --from=arm32v7/solr:5-slim

Step 2: Deploy the changes to the device

 $ pvr add .
 $ pvr commit
 $ pvr post

Step 3: Access the Solr dashboard

Step 4: Try creating your 1st Solr Core

a) SSH into the app container "solr"

ssh -p 8222 solr@

b) Create a new core

 $ cd /opt/solr/bin
 $ ./solr create -c "core1"

c) Access the Solr core you just created

You are Done!

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