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Leverage Markdown and GitHub to Manage Your Resume with Resume-md

Many developers are very familiar with benefits of markdown. It has a simple syntax which makes it easy to learn, read, and write. It's also very easy to version control and with a tool like Pandoc, can be combined with css to build stylized outputs in multiple formats like PDF and HTML.

This, combined with GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages can be leveraged to automatically build a stylized PDF for download, and deploy a stylized HTML as a static web page.


Resume-md is a project that automates resume management and does all these things for you.

How To Use

  • Generate a new project using resume-md as a template.


  • Make sure to include all branches.


  • Enable read/write workflow permissions.


  • Edit and push commits. Optionally, you can also edit

  • Once finished, download your PDF/HTML from the Actions tab.


  • The HTML is automatically deployed to


This approach has a lot of benefits especially to developers who are already comfortable with markdown and using git. Adding the automated processes using GitHub's tooling is an added layer of convenience and speaks to the power of the platform. This makes it trivial to keep your resume looking good and up to date.

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