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Angular 9|8 Store User State in Local Storage with Firebase 6

Digamber Rawat
I am passionate about solving real-world problems through algorithms and functional design. I love to create modern web and mobile apps using React JS, Angular 2+, Firebase, and JavaScript.
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Today we are going to discuss the most talked about topic in the web development industry, and that is how to store user state in local storage using Angular 8 and Firebase (AngularFire2). In this Angular 8 local storage tutorial, you are about to learn how to store user state in the web browser’s local storage memory. After successfully reading this tutorial, you will be able to manage the user data in local storage.

To understand this topic thoroughly, we will need the following frameworks, npm packages, and database set up in our system. However, if you are an absolute beginner, then I would suggest you should go through by the following tutorials.

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