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All Simple Dev tutorials are now FREE!

All Simple Dev tutorials are now free! We recently decided to make all of our tutorials publicly available. Previously, only the HTML course was free, and a few other courses could be unlocked with a free membership. A paid membership was required for full access.


Now you can read any tutorial on the site for free. You can still sign up for a paid membership, which allows you to track your progress and mark tutorials complete. This is a great option if you'd like to support the site on a monthly basis. We hope to add more features to the paid membership in the future. Also, if you sign up for a paid membership, the Donate button in the corner and the Donation/Member banner at the top of each tutorial is hidden.


Speaking of donations, you can now donate to Simple Dev using the Donate button in the corner! The Donate button is powered by Ko-fi, which is a service that allows websites and creators to accept donations without taking a fee. You can also donate directly on our Ko-fi page. This is a great option if you'd like to make a one-time donation to support the site.


If you're new to Simple Dev, it's a website designed to teach coding through short, easy-to-read, and up-to-date tutorials. There are over 300 tutorials on the site, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VS Code, and more, and now you can read them all for free. Visit Simple Dev today to get started.

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This course is so easy that you will almost learn nothing - at the moment. Almost everything is not more than "here I am" , sorry not worth ready . Look at flex box , div, ...

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