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I learn on my own because I want to know things outside of what my job requires. Because they are more exciting. And maybe because I would like to change my job eventually and I need relevant skills for that. So I tend to invest more time in learning when I am especially bored at work.
Anything I need to learn for the job I do during work hours, it is just a part of whatever task that requires new skills and knowledge. I don't feel in any way obliged to do it on my own free time.


thats interesting, just curious if you have a system for learning ? and how do you decide on what to learn ?


I just follow whatever sparks my interest, this way I am faster and more efficient getting that knowledge into my head. I rarely follow courses from start to finish, getting only things I need at the moment and while I am still interested. Sometimes I think I should be more organised but it never works out, I just waste time dragging myself through.

I like watching videos as well as looking at many examples of similar thing in different context and from different sources. And apply it, better to something I am already working on, if I can. If I cannot think of practical applications or the thing seems too vague and complicated to grasp then I assume it is too far from my current bubble of knowledge and I need to get to it later.

For example, if you are just starting learning a musical instrument, playing a complicated melody with two hands is out of your reach. Maybe you need to try to get comfortable with one hand first and with simpler things, but keep getting back to the complicated stuff to check if this time you are close enough. Same with tech.

I agree, some courses are just too long and sometimes you just need the relevant parts atm.

yeah, its always best to start with simple then aim towards complicated parts! :)

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