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Simon Holdorf
Simon Holdorf

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The release of Darklang (in private beta)

The team around Ellen Chisa and Paul Biggar have just released new info about their complete programming environment called Darklang. It is according to their statements programming language, IDE, toolchain, infrastructure, database, ... and will make programming much much simpler, by the factor of 100!

They have also released two new videos that can be found on the original post on medium (see below):

1) Ellen shows what you can do with Darklang in 10 minutes

2) Paul talks about the philosophy of Dark

There are currently three demo projects built with Dark:

The full post of Ellen can be found at

I am super excited about Dark und can't wait to get more information. Is this a revolution in programming? What do you think?

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Justin Bennett

It's certainly exciting. It'll be really interesting to see how the platform iterates, especially in terms of how they scale to handle larger user bases and how the editor evolves for more complex applications.

I think they'll have hurdles to cross related to folks being worried about vendor lock-in.

Still, it's very interesting and I wish them the best. Crossing my fingers for beta access!