This is probably the funniest Codepen I found this year!

Simon Holdorf on October 18, 2019

This is rather a short post but I find this codepen by Bård N Hovde so awesome that I must share it with you: Amazing what you can do with Jav... [Read Full]
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Ha, I saw this other day - it's fantastic :)

For anyone looking in the code for the 'trick' (of hiding the mouse), it's done by setting the cursor in JS on this line:

const screenStyle = cursorGrabbed ? { cursor: "none" } : {};

and then the fake mouse pointer is part of the hand graphic. Brilliant!


Oh, so there is a cursor trick! I've seen it on my mobile, where you can obviously just tap on things, so I hadn't caught on this feature.


Pretty fun, with a combination of fast mouse movements and right-click trickery, I managed to produce a waving hand without changing any of the code.

Waving Hand Demo

— Fred


Yes, it is! Click on the text above the button (to gain focus) and use TAB to select the button, now press SPACE or ENTER. You have pressed the button and it changes the caption to "Nice one".
While it is technically not "clickable", it is indeed "pressable", to use your own word ;)


Brilliant use of CSS and logic. Had so much fun playing around with this.
And using the Chrome Dev Console, clicked the button using Javascript, this was the result.
Cool that the dev included that as well :)

Nice One!


That... was awesome! It really made me laugh loud in the office 👍🤣
Thanks for sharing this!


If you press the button and then give your cursor to bottom buddy...


This made me laugh, yet oddly frustrated at the same time.


Passing by the bottom-left corner you can go on the button :D


Haha. This had me rolling! I love seeing creative stuff like this.


Am I the only one who keeps trying to press the button? Like, i've been at it for 10 minutes? 😂


When i first saw it, i was like "Dude! Something just happened!". Thanks for sharing.


That is so cool! I am going to give that a go ~ if you don't mind! Well Done!


Was able to click the button on mobile though 🙂


I caught the button by using the Tab :)

I remember doing this same trick before with Visual Basic 6, more than a decade ago :)


ha so funny, thanks for the share that made my day


duuude ! I peed myself. how cools is this damn it.


The most fun I had with this was keeping the pointer just out of reach. This probably says more about me than I'd rather admit. 🤣


Yeah funny af, my mom (not really a techy person) ended up LOL


Amazing!!! I like the "effect" on button :)


This is hilarious! I had to share it with my team.

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