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How did you get your first Dev Job?

Poll: How did you get your 1st job in web development?
a. recruiter
b. during college via career placement office, job fairs, etc.
c. side-hustle/free-lancing, short-term gigs that lead to full-time
d. friend, friend of a friend (connections)
e. other

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In my university we had a 6 months long internship at the end of the last term.
I spent my entire internship at a webagency which I was very fond of, mostly because they do what I love, and there taught myself many valuable lessons.

Nevertheless, at the end of the internship it was time for graduation. After the graduation, my plans were to move back home. (University and this agency were placed 32km from my hometown, I've rented a room on 4 squaremeters during my student time)

However the recruiter had other plans for me. They convinced me to stay through giving me the opportunity to work from home two days in a week. Deal.

So that's how I got my first paid development position. Even though it didn't last long due to the horrid traveling distance twice a week for around a year.

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Shawn Sommer


In my last year of school, we had a choice between finding an internship with a company or doing a simulated internship with an instructor. I had been delivering pizzas throughout my time in school and was ready for a change so I left my job and found an internship with a small company through an ad on Craigslist. The internship was paid, but not exactly well paid. When my internship was over I was hired full time.

I stayed on with the company for 3.5 years even though I wasn't really being paid due to the company being acquired and corporate policy was only to give percentage raises annually after the first year. However, I felt that I was getting a good trade-off being that I was gaining a lot of valuable experience and really liked the team I was on. I'd probably still be there had they paid me properly, but that is water under the bridge.