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Parts of the industry have moved away from the concept of "management is promotion" that comes from the traditional office/government model into a two-track system that treats individual contributor and management as two very different types of jobs that both have plenty of growth potential. I quite like the idea that I can stay as an individual contributor AND have the organization recognize that that contribution is as valuable as that of a director or VP .

Here's Square's model. I think this came up on HN recently. We've have a similar model where I work for a few years now, though we start at 1 instead of 3. I think Square was gong for that Enlisted/Officer ranking vibe.

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Thanks for your comment. Could you double-check the link, please? It seems broken. Thanks!


Thanks, interestingly when I hovered over it nothing was shown and couldn't click.


If you don't mind I'll send this link around to some of my colleagues. It's definitely something we can learn from!


Hey, Square's the one that opened sourced it - share as you like!

Actually, here's the original blog post that links to that sheet. It provides more context into why they've done it this way.

(I tested the link this time before submitting :P)

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