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Discussion on: Interesting JDK 12 features to watch out for.

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Record is not listed as a proposed JEP for 12:

In fact I cannot find it anywhere in the JEP list:

EDIT: I scanned through the video to find the section on record - unlike Switch Expressions and Raw String Literals there was no slide that provided a JEP. Looks like it's more of a JDK 13+ thing, don't expect it in 12.

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Lemuel Ogbunude Author

Sorry I didn't mention that Records are currently not in the preview features, was probably too excited :) Thank you for that.
Currently, there are 4 JEPs targeted to JDK 12 so far which are Switch Expressions, Raw String literals and two others.
It might be more of a JDK 13+ thing as you said though with the faster 6 months release cycle that wouldn't be an issue of waiting for 3+ years any longer :)

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Gerard Klijs

It is when your company sticks to lts releases, witch is still better than companies stuck on Java 8.