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re: Django: Migrate --fake-initial gotchas VIEW POST


I am in the same situation actually, but my main concern is that even when i have all the migrations in the file and i try to makemigrations it keep asking me to create all models even the one existing.
so i followed this : to restart but nothing.

like migration 0004 has my models, and i when i make migrations the 0005 ask me to CreateModel but those one are alreafy existing.


By "models" here do you mean "table" and not the model class definition?


Yes, let's take an example of my situation,

  • migrations from 0001 to 0004 contains my models and changes that are already applied in the db

  • when creating migration 0005 (with makemigrations) it happen to contain CreateModel() of all the existing models even the one already migrated into the DB ...

i am stucked with that since a lot of weeks now

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