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Top 3 - Cloud IDE

Hi IDEers ! people who use IDE

Today I want to share with you 3 cool Cloud IDE !

What’s Cloud IDE ??!

Cloud IDE is an environnement for develop your project on the cloud. Lot’s of advantages when you work with a team.

The primary thing.

  • Everyone work on the same version !
  • IDE accessible everywhere, on a smartphone or an iPad, or another computed, on your customer computed etc...
  • Cloud Save, your be secured in the cloud because the save is more accurate !

Top 3

Cloud 9

Alt Text

Cloud 9 is for me the better ! Because he have lots of shortcuts and widget, and natively support ALL languages ! You benefit of the advantage of AWS EC2, with a command line integrated with a dedicated Amazon Linux (with node and docker pré-install) and an elastic cloud disk if you need more disk space.


Alt Text

StackBlitz it’s a good Cloud IDE because the environnement is dedicated to the Node projects ! Natively support Angular, you can easy and fast start project and share it with the dedicated url of your environnement.

Gitlab web IDE

Alt Text

Gitlab has a cloud ide inside your project REPO, it’s very useful to have this feature, you can follow and merge your project directly inside the IDE !

Share me your Best CLOUD IDE inside the comment section !

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