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Discussion on: Write Git Commit Messages That Your Colleagues Will Love

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Simon Egersand 🎈 Author

I considered including this in the post. I agree, especially for monorepos it makes sense. Just gotta find that good balance so the prefixes don't take up too many characters!

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Igor Pellegrini • Edited on

Probably codifying the project name or the topic to 3-5 letters should work.
Same as many prefix with bug, fix, feat, ui, etc.

There are also several repos providing a model for emojii commits (a decent one, for example)
I really liked the ideas a lot (as long as a legend is provided somewhere in the repo) and started to use them happily (you can even filter commits by emoji/category)....
... until our sysadmin complained when the (draconian) issue-tracking-system crashed because of poor unicode support and told me to stop.... 😒