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re: How to customize the new Windows Terminal with Visual Studio Code VIEW POST


We use the opens source “Git Bash” for windows on our office laptops. We then configure Visual Studio Code to use that as the integrated terminal. Then whenever we open a new Code window to switch to a different project we have an embedded bash in that Code window in the right folder. Git Bash as all the core tools (find, awk, sed, etc) and extras like ssh and gpg. This means that on legacy windows we have the same solid technology we use in the cloud. It also makes the windows experience the same as working at home on open source on a mac book pro. Git Bash also interacts with the clipboard to cut and paste into the terminal.


We use Git Bash frequently in my office as well. Now, if I just figure out how to integrate it into Terminal without it opening up a new window...


Yes, you just change the setting in VS Code to tell it to use the bash.exe and when vs code sees any paths in any terminal text it turns them into links to open the files in the editor pane. I will dig the config out of the corporate wiki when I get a chance.

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