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Nevertheless, WE code: 5 things to do in IWD and everyday

Hola Mundo!

Last year I wrote down a "Nevertheless..." post as a way to sum up my experience as a newly dev. But today is march the 8th and sharing with you a day as today means that Girls Who Code 👩🏽‍💻 get to receive $20 USD.

I won't say Happy Day...but I guess I did say it. Because the celebration will be not having to have a day like this.

So today I want to share different ways you can support women, minorities, non binary people because we are here and we code 💻.

Listen 🔈

Sometimes your experience, my experience and others experiences are totally different. If you are hearing someone struggle or about problems they had in the past remember that you not relating doesn't mean that person is lying. If your reality is different that does not invalidate what they are saying or sharing.

So listen, do hear other peoples realities, do understand what they are up on daily basis and don't judge or minimize what they are sharing, because sometimes is hard to speak up.

Speak up 📢

I know I just told you to listen, but also speaking up is as important. If you see toxic behaviours, harassment, sexism, racism, from your peers, leads, manager whatever, speak up.

If you think is not fair, if you think something is wrong even if is not happening to you, speak up. We must stand for the change, we must not allow certain behaviours and we all must be part of the change 🔄.

And please also speak up about your arrangements, if a coworker is speaking about her salary being low or her conditions being precarious: share yours! we don't want a bite of your cake, we want equal footing.

Question yourself ❓

If you ever are pointed out, if you see someone else or if you hear a story of gender biased behaviour, question yourself.

Questioning yourselves helps us to grow and improve as humans, and there are behaviours so normalized that maybe we are not conscious of them, so, question yourself and grow from it 🌱.

Ask yourself what have I done, what can I do, how can I change or how can I help my environment to improve.

Ask up 🤷🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

If you don't know what to do, ask up. If you are not sure if something's right, ask up. But please always ask and don't assume on other peoples needs.

Cherish 🎉 and share ⤴️

Really, share their work, I'm sure you are surrounded around amazing women or non binary people that are AMAZING so be supportive with them.

If they share a post, if they generate content, if they accomplish something important to them: cherish and share. Because like it or not, we are surrounded by men success stories, we are accustomed to be criticized and sometimes it takes a lot for us to create content and raise our voices, so, share. Because representation matters.

And now is my time to share 🖱️

I live in Spain so I think this list is full of spanish speakers but...they are fire and you should follow them because they are not only amazing professionals also Twitter has a "translate" button so you can read them!

Nads, Olga Coll and Ilia they are the example of "if you want things to change, you gotta change them"💣🗯️ and created a mentorship program, that that in its first phase, allowed nine women to have their first tech job.

Azahara Fernández She have one of my favorite twitter segments: Azi Science 🧪and Tech News where she share science studies -some of them very curious-

Ari Reinventada I personally know her and she's not only an amazing human being but she's also a great developer, coding advocate, speaker and so on 💪. She also inspired me to change career.

Verónica Veritechie Not only she has amazing content she also has a very ASMR voice. She share tech things but also some personal growth tips for developers that are amazing ✨.

Belén Just in your face content 💪. She will say the things even if you don't want to hear them.

Marta Torres She's a developer an activist, a gamer and writes a lot of great content in her own blog ⌨️

Desiré Game developer🎮, UX Amazon her content is unmissable

Lola What I love about Lola is that she's a juniors 👩🏽‍💻 just as I am and we also have a lot to share!

Belén A front end student that shares her experience and also amazing apps that she does while studying💻

Miriam González Her content is gold, she does it everything Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, she also 📻as a podcast with Alba Silvente called "No me da la vida" that is AMAZING.

Now I, as a mobile developer, would love to see more women sharing their experiences. Right now I want to share Diana Hernández
and Ann both are activists and share amazing mobile content 📱.

And last but not least I want to share my favorite tech community BrilliTech the first LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 spanish speaker tech community.

I encourage you to share this post and share your favorite women in tech in the comments 📩.

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marizoo profile image

Wow! Wise words!

"If your reality is different that does not invalidate what they are saying or sharing"

100% to this. We all have different "spectacles" that we use to see the world. Different values, thoughts and principles.
You sound awesome! People around you are lucky to have you. Great writing! Cheers Silvia!

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