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How i came to appreciate teaching as a learning aid

To be honest, I always dreaded the thought of teaching, due to the fact that I really sucked at it. But recently, my perception about teaching changed when I was called upon to give an introductory lecture on web design to a few set of people (some of whom are older than I am). I felt skirmish when I received the invite. Backing out was really beginning to feel like the best option. Like, who the hell was I kidding? I was fighting impostor Syndrome. Feeling like no project I was taking on was even good enough. I would not have been able to complete my new portfolio website if not for the courage I got from @dhavalwd ‘s post about his new portfolio.
With all these in mind, I pushed the unsteady thoughts aside and took on the challenge.

Lecture Day

I knew this task wasn’t going to be easy but my mind wasn’t prepared for the degree of fun I would derive from lecturing. At the inception of the lecture, I was teaching a few set of people who did not know how the internet works. But the lecture ended with a set of people who were talking about HTML elements, tags, html attributes and a bit of CSS. Learning was just a two-way process that day due to the interactivity of the session (I learnt while the learnt). I couldn’t complete my syllabus with them but I was extremely excited with the impact made. I even got to immensely appreciate my web development skill much more than ever.

Lesson Learnt

The act of teaching and learning is just synonymous to the concept of a trash-bin. A trash-bin filled to the brim will have no importance if its content is not disposed. The disposed content of the trash-bin is been recycled, consumed and returned back to the trash-bin. There would be nothing to learn if no one is willing to teach. Guess I am just going to dust off my forgotten stack overflow account and push out the little I got in my knowledge bank. By the way, this here is my first Dev post.

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