How can i load sass files on nuxt with sass-loader ?

Sylvester Nkeze on January 25, 2019

I intend loading bulma sass files from node modules into my components on nuxtjs but I am not getting any lead way. After installing both node-sa... [Read Full]
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Is this a fresh project you are just getting started on?
If it is, I would recommend just using create-nuxt-app, which can bundle bulma for you out of the box.

If you already have some work done, then the next step would be to include bulma in the nuxt.config.js as you mentioned. To do that, take a look at their docs on css configuration here: nuxtjs.org/api/configuration-css

If this still isn't working, something might be off with your configuration of nuxt itself.


Wow, several hours of neck pain and headaches which would have been avoided if i had just done this

 css: ['bulma','@/assets/custom.scss']

Instead of

 css: ['~bulma/bulma','@/assets/custom.scss']

Thanks a lot, Nathan. You are a life saver.


Could you post your nuxt.config.js file? Just to get a better idea of what you've done so far.


Thanks Lynne. The problem has been solved with help from Nathan Bland

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