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Adonis JS the best Back-end framework

sihamza profile image Jouini Hamza ・1 min read

i used to use sailsJS but now i can't stop using adoinsJS . when i started dev the 1st back-end framework i used was larvel ( node js wasn't a thing back then ) and i loved it's structure and simplicity .

when i stoped using PHP and moved to js using express then sails ( i took a look on nestjs , hapi ) they didn't have the same idea i got from laravel ( ofc half of them are micro frameworks ) that idea of half of the work is done by the framewrok until i used AdonisJS

this framework have every laravel feature , much faster , comes with websocket best option for a small to medium web projects but it's ORM doesn't support NoSQL yet

i don't know why it's not that popular

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Salah assi

Hello, I'm supposed to start building a new project using nodejs, I'm in a middle of inner conflict between using Adonisjs 5 and Nestjs. I used Express in the past, however, I didn't really feel like using a real framework, I also used Adonisjs 5 for a small project and it did well, but it's documentation doesn't seem to be ready yet. Nestjs has a lot more stars on Github but I'm afraid they are over using decorators also I'm afraid to lose control over the modular architecture (especially because they have the routes inside the controllers). Any advise would help.

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Jouini Hamza Author

My only problem with adonis is it's orm and migration they waste a lot of time while in nest you just nest start -w and you develop your app and annotations make it even faster

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Adonisjs 5 has annotations

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Hi! I wonder if you would still recommend to use Adonis JS a half year later. I'm faced with the decision to either use Laravel or Adonis for my next private project. I am looking for a framework that does most of the work (Authentication, ORM, ...) for me so that I can concentrate on the frontend part. Do you have any resources that I can use to get into AdonisJs? Thanks in advance 🙂

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Jouini Hamza Author

i moved to nest js it's a lot better in my opinion it uses typeorm ( easy relations ) anotation typescript easy way to make realtime apps , microservices and graphql you can chnage the http server from express to fastify , passport for auth it's really great the only thing meh about nest is some module configurations

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Alpha Olomi

Nice article here

The title of the post and this comment leave me in crossroads

Feb 24, 2020 - Adonis JS the best Back-end framework
Oct 20, 2020 - I moved to nestjs it's a lot better in my opinion

Another post would be nice giving an elaborate why the change, and mitigation to modules issue you mentioned in another post.