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Discussion on: Improving Pull Request Process with Complexity Labels

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Sigute Author

Hi! I think it would be hard to do automatically in an accurate way because sometimes you can have quite a short but complicated change, and sometimes a long change is just renaming something in many files. But it could be used as a warning, ie "you are about to create a PR with 10000 new lines, are you sure?".

However, I would be cautious of enforcing something automatically against the team wishes. If the team doesn't want to use a process, automatic labels are likely going to be ignored/actively hated. I would try to approach it from a more educational angle first. For example, collecting statistics of PR lengths vs how long it took to close it/number of comments PR got, sharing best practices, etc.

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German Chyzhov

I see, there are already tools on a market which are calculating similar stats which you would like to have.