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Does the πŸ¦„ reaction increase your ✨?

sigje profile image Jennifer Davis ・1 min read

I totally adore that one of the responses for posts is πŸ¦„. Based on some of the posts about this that already exist it seems like it's thought of as "this is unique" or "this is cool". Maybe I'm influenced by The Last Unicorn and the movie Legend, but I totally think we need moreπŸ¦„ because they get lonely. So I don't think of it as reacting with "That's unique". It's more like "you put yourself out there, and I recognize your ✨, and in recognizing your ✨, I'm totally adding to the ✨".

In other words, don't limit your ✨ πŸ¦„ reactions. Spread the ✨ and be liberal with πŸ¦„. How do you use the πŸ¦„?

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Jennifer Davis Author

😍Thanks to so many for increasing my ✨ with πŸ¦„!

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