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How to Generate a Resume from GitHub


Stop sweating a project resume. This tool automatically organizes your GitHub projects into a tight, shareable PDF.

A service that creates a rsum based on your GitHub repos/activity.

from GitHub Resume README


Why use this? Resumes are terrible for everyone, and a pain to write. This will not replace a comprehensive resume, but it could be used to quickly generate a project-based list of your body of work on GitHub to easily share with a hiring manager before interviewing.

How to Use

I came across this from a post on LinkedIn yesterday, and was impressed at the simplicity and genius of the project.

  1. Star the repository
  2. Your resume will be viewable at:

That's it. It took mine a few minutes to become available after starring.


Not Perfect

Of course, this isn't perfect. There's zero control over how it looks and what is listed. But it's not supposed to replace a well documented, concise resume. This is fantastic for organizing your otherwise chaotic GitHub projects.

Hope that's helpful 👋

I thought this was very cool, and I hope you find use for it. Share it with others!

Come say hey to me over on Twitter, and I hope you have a great one!

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