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Discussion on: Creating a Vue.js component library: Part II - Structure

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siegerts Author

Thanks for spotting! The link is fixed. Glad that you find the series helpful :)

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Nikolaj Ivancic

Thanks for confirming my issues, (this page does not seem to support GitHub's login id that starts with '@' character). Seeing that you care about your 6 part series I hope you would allow me to send you a few more issues I encountered, in order to make everything work with today's tools/libraries.

You might about why am I doing that, so let me explain: I find Vuepress quite an attractive tool for creating technical documentation - probably better than all alternatives due to its flexibility to augment it myself (locally). I am starting an open-source project ('') where I want to demystify the use of Identification and Authentication Services packaged as PaaS. Besides writing a lot of samples (all of them being a set of [front end, back end]), I want to write a lot of documents, thus my interest in Vuepress.

Except for your series on the component library, all other Vuepress tutorials are behind the current state of Vuepress and Vue, and I could not find any of the authors that would be willing to refresh them. You might be different in that respect, so let me propose:

  1. I report to you any other "gotchas" I find in running this complete series and you tell me (if necessary) how to address those. This step will result in the code in Github that you may take over and add to your GitHub account for your readers (this assumes that you do not have Github resident code - if you do, I can send you as many PRs as it will take.

  2. Having 1. done, I am interested in creating the tutorial and code describing how to make a MKDOCS equivalent VuePress based tool: (here follows the screenshot that I uploaded, but cannot see in the preview)
    Such a tutorial would be sufficiently different from yours as it does not deal with self-documenting components).

Are you interested in participate in any view other than helping me to make your series current?