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How I sync my forked repo with the parent using this CLI tool (saves me a lot of time)

As a collaborator on GitHub projects who heavily relies on forks, I found myself performing a repetitive task every morning: syncing my forks with the parent repositories to stay up-to-date. This manual 3-step process of navigating GitHub, checking for updates, and syncing felt like an everyday chore.

Being a developer, I decided to automate this!

Introducing syncb, a simple script that streamlines your workflow with a single command. With syncb, you can effortlessly sync both public and private forks, saving you valuable time and frustration.


Getting Started

Install syncb globally using npm:

npm i -g syncb
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Run syncb in your terminal.

That's it! syncb seamlessly syncs your repository with the latest commits from the parent repository.

Using Private Forks

Initially, I encountered authorization issues (401 errors) when syncing private forks. To overcome this, you can securely store a GitHub Personal Access Token (PAT) with repo access in your environment variable as GITHUB_TOKEN (e.g., .zshrc). syncb will automatically leverage this token for private repo syncing.

Share and Contribute!

Did syncb make your life easier? Share it with a star ⭐ on the repository! Additionally, I'd love to hear your preferred fork syncing methods – perhaps you have a more efficient approach? Feel free to contribute to the project as well!

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Jeffrey Yu

@sidmohanty11 Very cool project! I typically use the GitHub web UI for syncing, and then pull the changes to my local fork. It's great to see a neat way for syncing locally

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Sidharth Mohanty

Thanks a lot @jeffreythecoder!