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Why you should not use Product Hunt as a developer anymore?

DevHunt - Product Hunt alternative

First of all what is product Hunt? product Hun is a popular online platform and community where individuals and companies can discover, share, and discuss new and innovative products and services. It is often described as a place where early adopters, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts gather to stay updated on the latest tech products, apps, websites, and other digital creations.

Why you should use devHunt as a developer instead of Product Hunt?

Product Hunt, once a go-to platform for product discovery, has been facing some challenges. It has become overcrowded, with ads blending into the "real" content, diluting the user experience. Furthermore, the platform's focus on non-developer-oriented products has resulted in DevTools receiving little attention from its predominantly non-technical user base. To compound matters, Product Hunt has turned into a marketing platform, allowing bad actors to promote irrelevant products and artificially inflate upvotes. These issues have been exacerbated by the fact that Product Hunt is owned by AngelList.

How DevHunt started?


DevHunt idea started as a project idea on twitter that solves problems we have, because as you know we developers don't have a perfect platform to launch our development tools. So, we use Product Hunt, which is a bit like a goalkeeper trying to win the best player award. It's tough, and most of the attention goes to the strikers (other products), so after asking our network and fellow dev tools makers on Twitter if it makes sense to build one that we all co-own, the feedback was extremely positive, and this is how DevHunt born.

Our Goal is to make DevHunt the best place for developers and DevTools

Our primary objective is to elevate DevHunt to become the foremost hub catering specifically to developers and aficionados of DevTools. We are dedicated to curating an exceptional platform that not only offers a wealth of resources but also delivers an unrivaled user experience, ensuring that developers find DevHunt to be their go-to destination for all things related to software development tools and technologies.

The key differentiating factor of lies in its unwavering commitment to serving developers. By focusing solely on products and tools relevant to the developer community, this platform ensures that valuable devtools receive the attention they deserve. With no intrusive ads, users can explore the platform without distractions, immersing themselves in a world curated specifically for their needs.

DevHunt's dedication to authenticity is evident in its strict vetting process. A team of dedicated moderators ensures that only genuine and relevant products make it to the platform. This eliminates the problem of fake upvotes and guarantees that developers can rely on the integrity of the showcased creations.

Conclusion: DevHunt is more than just a joke turned into a real product; it's a testament to the power of community and the determination to create a better, more inclusive platform for developers. As the platform continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its users, one thing is certain: is here to stay and will shape the future of product discovery for developers worldwide.

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flo merian • Edited

I had the opportunity to contribute to multiple launches for dev-first, open-source products on Product Hunt. It's definitely a great place to launch.

according to, Product Hunt gets 4.8 million monthly unique visitors. some OSS products really nailed their launches -- take n8n (#1 Product of the Day), Lago (#1 Product of the Month), or Appwrite (#1 Product of the Year). also from my previous experiences, launching on Product Hunt helped raise awareness and enabled early traction (reached 1,000 GH stars, hit 2.5K DUV).

the question isn’t if you should launch there, it’s how.

problem: some makers overthink it too much.

solution: keep it simple.

launch on Product Hunt, enjoy it, and launch on, too -- or the other way around :)

tqbit profile image

Cool idea.

I love how it is on product hunt tho :D

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Sidi Jeddou

Thank you so much.

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John Rush

the world needs more launchpads, not just Product Hunt!

igorboky profile image
Igor Boky

When small initiative becomes a real product! Well done!

vitalikmay profile image
Vitalik May

Dev to dev, that's the way it should be! 😎