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My first cpp game ?!

So yeah I am a very python guy and I was learning c++ being a newbie sort of intermediate in python ig I started out with a 7 hour long tutorial which covered all of the c++'s basics. Now after some time I was fed up with watching tutorials to do projects which was at the first made sense but then suddenly when it came to C++ I did not like doing it that way

One thing i found interesting or maybe very very different from python was that there was almost no dependencies of framework and syntax for each thing it was pretty simple had my raylib installed and i are good to go like that idk if i felt different compared to python's way of

pip install smtng

i am very serious about this thing i felt easy when i made the pong game using raylib compared to the python's way of making it in pygame i felt HAPPY !?? why ?? i am clueless of why i even enjoyed it !!

I did face some issues but they were easy to solve i learnt about pointers and passing by references which was way too new stuff for me i sort of loved it i had this mind map of what was going in the memory

I know i did not write the most optimized code or anything but setting up the stage for the c++ was difficult for me the CMAKE stuff (i am using qtcreator idk if i shd be using that vscode setup was bad and i am using linux env). The coding part of the project was easy but the setup was hard! 😭😭😭

As an insanely newbie c++ programmer i want to ask few things

1) what sort of editor am i supposed to use
2) How to basically make like a release of the game (even if its just trash code out there its working trash code so i want it like as a sharable game with someone like that)

Thats it guys !! thanks for reading through this much its my first post thanks !!

link to repo:

leave a like or smtng if u found it funny

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Glad youve started on the cpp journey.
Im more of a C person lately having done CPP a long time back.

Editors - Use VS Code but also get familiarity with vim.
I edit in VSCode and compile stuff on the terminal using make files.
I suggested vim coz its very helpful on terminals to quickly edit something, ofcourse if youre on Linux/Mac.

I think the releases are made available as exes or binaries for target platforms. Unless you want to release the source code and then provide config and make files where users can compile and install it.
The compile and install is for for linux, I have seen exes for windows and dmgs for Mac.


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thanks so much for this input sure ... i will sure try out vim .. i can say i am some what familiar with vim but i never used in mainstream only during my college labs i will definitely try it out for my other cpp projects

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Enzo Lanze

congrats for you first post and the game!

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thanks a lot @ylanzinhoy