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What to code?

Here's a small request.

Do you have any ideas on what I could code? I'm especially looking for stuff which helps me (like a custom editor or something) or anyone else who is willing to use it.

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It depends what your target is.
Optimize your workflow with small handy scripts, which coverr repetitve tasks. - will cover bash scripting and you will get a deeper understanding of shell scripting and your linux/mac environment or powershell, if you are on windows. I have ton of such small scripts.

Write an application for display your photos, because of fun. it can web based or gui application. I wrote a mediacenter based in rust, because i wanted to learn this language.

if you are cooking, or collecting recipes, write a application which helps you to organize your reciepes. I have some scripts which is providing qr tags for the receip list, and i can copied it into my shopping app.

Take a repetitive task which bugs you the most and try to automate it.

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Andrew Omodo

Work on a fun project...something you like

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