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Python WEB Summit'20

“Offline events are gone for some time, but the tech world doesn't slow down”

With such an apt line written on home page, they have took a great initiative to connect python developers all around the globe.

Geekle has the unique experience to gather huge tech summits with 11000+ attendees !

Now they are organising the Python WEB Global Summit’20 !

There are gonna be speakers from Google, Microsoft, FaceBook, Netflix, Pandata … and you can keep learning for straight 24 hours !!

It’s definitely going to be interesting and I am up for it ✌

Hoping you guys can also join this amazing webinar and interact with some of the world’s greatest python developers.

⚡ Python WEB Global Summit’20
☞ 19th November, 2020
☞ Starts at - 10am UTC (3:30pm IST)
⛄ And goes for 24 hours…

Link in the comments.

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Siddharth Chandra


One more thing, if you are not sure whether you can attend it, then opt for paid ticket and with that you will receive the recorded webinar as well !