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Siddhant Khare
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Make & Deploy Doxygen

Using this Workflow file you can deploy your Doxygen docs to GitHub pages (in this example)

I have created this Workflow for MetaCall/landing-page to deploy their landing page.

They are using Docsify also for documentation, so that part is also getting deployed using the same workflow file.

My Workflow

Make & Deploy doxygen.yml

Submission Category:

DIY Deployments

Yaml File

Additional Resources / Info

We Are using at MetaCall's Landing Page

GitHub logo metacall / landing-page

Repository containing the landing page for MetaCall Core project.


MetaCall Polyglot Runtime | Install | Docs

MetaCall allows calling functions, methods or procedures between multiple programming languages.

def sum(a, b):
  return a + b
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const { sum } = require("./");

sum(3, 4); // 7
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metacall main.js
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MetaCall is a extensible, embeddable and interoperable cross-platform polyglot runtime. It supports NodeJS, Vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, C#, Go, C, C++, Rust, D, Cobol and more.


The easiest way to install MetaCall is the following:

curl -sL | sh
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For more information about other install methodologies and platforms or Docker, check the install documentation.


You can find a complete list of examples in the documentation. If you are interested in submitting new examples, please contact us in our chats.

Live Demo Preview -

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