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Gitpodify the MetaCall

What is MetaCall?

MetaCall helps you build serverless applications using a more fine-grained, scalable and NoOps oriented Function Mesh instead of ServiceMesh and DevOps approach. It automagically converts your code into a Function Mesh and auto-scales individual hot parts or functions of your app.

Need of an Automated Cloud Dev Environment

As MetaCall being an Open Source Software, the major block to start contributing to the Project is to Setup the Project Locally with all custom configurations, tools, libraries that a particular project requires. And I've been with MetaCall for a year, and the majority of the queries we get on our internal discord server are about setup and dealing with various issues. That's how I started, too. So with this Automated Cloud Dev Environment on Gitpod, you can just code, build, test, and ship without having to worry about setting up all the environments!

In this blog, i will be automating the setup of metacall/core on Gitpod.

I will be automating this Installation official docs of MetaCall

Step 1: Create a .gitpod.yml file in Root

official Docs for configuring the .gitpod.yml: config-gitpod-file

For This Project, requirement was to build the project, pulling metacall docker images & executing them.


- name: Build Metacall
  init: |
    mkdir build && cd ./build
    cmake ..
    cd ..
    sudo env PATH=$PATH cmake --build . --target install

- name: Pulling metacall Docker Images
  init: |
    docker pull metacall/core
    docker pull metacall/core:dev
    mkdir -p $HOME/metacall
    docker run -e LOADER_SCRIPT_PATH=/metacall -v $HOME/metacall:/metacall -w /metacall -it metacall/core:dev /bin/bash

- name: Pulling metacall-cli Docker Image
  init: |
    docker pull metacall/core:cli
    docker run -e LOADER_SCRIPT_PATH=/metacall -v $HOME/metacall:/metacall -w /metacall -it metacall/core:cli

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Tasks Description

  • Task 1: It will Build all the files

Build MetaCall

metacall/core:dev docker image

MetaCall CLI

At the time of workspace preparation, this .gitpod.yml file will setup all of the essential environments. and Your Project Will be ready to code under _ 60 seconds_ (Gitpod ⚑)

See it in Action

Click the button below. A workspace with all required environments will be created.

Open in Gitpod

To use it on your forked repo, edit the 'Open in Gitpod' button url to<your-github-username>/core

My Pull Request: gitpodify the metacall/core πŸš€

Repository of Gitpod, an Automated Open Source Cloud Dev. Environment. Use it or just give it a 🌟 for their amazing work.

GitHub logo gitpod-io / gitpod

The developer platform for on-demand cloud development environments to create software faster and more securely.

Gitpod Logo

Always ready-to-code.

Gitpod ready-to-code - Gitpod CI Discord

Gitpod is an open-source Kubernetes application for ready-to-code cloud development environments that spins up fresh, automated dev environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds. It enables you to describe your dev environment as code and start instant, remote and cloud development environments directly from your browser or your Desktop IDE.

Tightly integrated with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket, Gitpod automatically and continuously prebuilds dev environments for all your branches. As a result, team members can instantly start coding with fresh, ephemeral, and fully-compiled dev environments - no matter if you are building a new feature, want to fix a bug, or do a code review.



πŸ— Dev environments as code - Gitpod applies lessons learned from infrastructure-as-code. Spinning up dev environments is easily repeatable and reproducible empowering you to automate, version-control, and share dev environments across your team.

⚑️ Prebuilt dev environments - Gitpod continuously…

Repository of MetaCall/Core, give it a 🌟

GitHub logo metacall / core

MetaCall: The ultimate polyglot programming experience.


MetaCall Polyglot Runtime | Install | Docs

MetaCall allows calling functions, methods or procedures between multiple programming languages.

def sum(a, b):
  return a + b
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const { sum } = require('./');

sum(3, 4); // 7
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metacall main.js
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MetaCall is a extensible, embeddable and interoperable cross-platform polyglot runtime. It supports NodeJS, Vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, C#, Java, WASM, Go, C, C++, Rust, D, Cobol and more.


The easiest way to install MetaCall is the following:

curl -sL | sh
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For more information about other install methodologies and platforms or Docker, check the install documentation.


You can find a complete list of examples in the documentation. If you are interested in submitting new examples, please contact us in our chats.

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