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Coronavirus Probability Checker

Coronavirus Probability Checker

Short Brief

  • It is a Probability Checker for COVID-19 , people can input values and symptoms and according to the data , patient will get the probability of +ve COVID-19.

  • Currently , I trained this on Random data.

  • If we execute this idea with official Data , it can be very helpful for Peoples.

Problem Statement

  • India has a high population country and hence it is not possible to check everyone for the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is the cause of the corona virus outbreak.
  • Everyone who is living in this country is affected due to the high population as there not enough facilities for each person
  • The spread of false news is causing the people to worry. By the use of self evaluation for themselves and their family members they can take the decision to inform the authorities and ask for help.
  • If someone enters false details then that would result in a small error in the assessment of the outbreak.

The Technology/Product Concept

The developed hack is End user input based Web application. It takes the input from the user for their details and shows a list of symptoms which they may be experiencing and can confuse with Covid-19. On the basis of their entered choices the received input will be processed and their probability will be shown to them. If the probably is severe or high than the person is prompted to consult a doctor. His input will be stored in the system for Machine Learning. On the basis of this the priority of the tests can be done so as to reduce the transmission of the disease and also to make the most of limited testing capacity in such highly populated country such as India.
A Machine Learning Model is then trained on the data to find out the probability of a person having the infection.
The Model is then used to find out whom to test for the infection first under a limited testing capacity.
The Same Model can be used to find potential candidates for conducting random tests.

Benefits From this

There is a situation of fear among the people and spread of fake news is further making the situation worse. This Hack can be used to control this fear by self assessment of the user and their family. Also, if the prediction comes severe the authorities will be informed and this will be used to control the COVID-19 Pandemic up to a very large extent.

Instructions to run this model on your local machine :

  • first run
  • run , through you will get a localhost link and get redirected to your browser.


Link to Code :

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