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Announcing my portfolio/blog website.

Hello everyone!

I have recently built this blog/portfolio website using 11ty(eleventy) .

You can check it out here on

You can see the source code here

I have not added any social media links right now but I will add them soon. For now, you can follow me here on twitter :)

Assets used.

  1. I got the illustration on the homepage from pixeltrue.
  2. Fonts used are Luckiest Guy and Montserrat. Available from google fonts
  3. For blogs, I have planned to use images from pexels or Unsplash.
  4. For code blocks, I used prism.js with the monokai theme. I am planning to create a custom gruvbox prism css as I did not find it on the internet.

Other than this I have also used some useful eleventy plugins for code blocks and image optimization which you can check out in the source code mentioned above.

Things I am planning to add.

  1. comments section. For this, I am thinking of using Github issues. So the plan is whatever you comment for a certain blog will be stored as a GitHub issue on my repo. I got this idea from here

  2. monthly newsletter. I may use SendGrid for this as it is quite easy to use.


This project is hosted on netlify with a custom domain from Also, the SSL certificate is auto issued from netlify which is quite nice.

I would love to know what you guys think. Please share how I can improve this :)

Bye devs!

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