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Love apple's Sans Fransisco Font. You have to check this out

So, I have always been a personal fan of apple's font, but I found something that I know will make you ditch this font for good.

Meet Inter

This amazing font does it all. Created by Rasmus Anderson, "Inter is a typeface carefully crafted & designed for computer screens". And, it is sooo similar to apple's font.

Alt Text

Look at that! Which one do you think is inter? It's very close, but the answer is the left one.

And why should I use this over sans fransisco.

Sans fransisco only works on apple products! If you want a more consistent look, you should go for Inter. Trust me, you won't notice a difference. Inter is also completely free to use and is a google font.

You can get inter here

And if you liked this article

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Oh I should pay attention to this!