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Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary

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5 completely FREE Tailwind CSS UI kits for you to use in your project

Let's jump right in. You don't need an introduction as you probably already know what Tailwind CSS is 😁😁😁.

PSST...Just a quick note before we start. In all these resources you can copy and paste Tailwind CSS components into your code, which is very helpful if you want to build a website fast.

1. Tailblocks

I used this first, so I have a special preference for Tailblocks. Tailblocks is easy to customize and has different types of blocks you can choose from, ranging from CTA's to navbars.

2. Wickedblocks

Wickedblocks is another amazing and easy to use Tailwind CSS resource. Wickedblocks has its own unique style so I recommend checking this out if you want something different from Tailblocks

3. Meraki UI

Meraki UI
Although Meraki UI has overall less Tailwind CSS components than Wickedblocks and Tailblocks, it more than makes up for it with RTL support, something which the others do not have. So if you want RTL support in your website, here's the way to go!

4. Kometa UI kit

Kometa UI kit
Kometa UI kit is really the best UI Kit I have seen. It has over 130 sections built with Tailwind CSS, built for those who need choice!

5. Mamba UI

Alt Text
Mamba UI is a nice collection of Tailwind CSS components, and great in all aspects.

A special mention to Tailwind UI

Alt Text
Ok. I had to put this, because it's not free, but
a great resource for those willing to pay. It's by the creators of Tailwind CSS themselves, so it is definitely worth its premium value.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post added some value to your life. You'll get more content like this on the Easy UI forem - a community all about building websites and the stuff involved, mostly from a frontend perspective..

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