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Discussion on: Spring boot + Spring Security 5 + OAuth2/OIDC Client - Deep Dive

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Shyamala Author

Thank you for the response, I hope you already went through this.
The distinction between Role and Authority is subtle as explained here, without looking into your userAuthoritiesMapper, I cannot be sure. It would be helpful if you can share your code , for me to have a look at it.

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Thanks for your reply and your willingness to help. Actually it works after I changed .antMatchers("/user/", "/user/index.html") to .antMatchers("/user/**").

Since our old SAML2.0-based application needs a UserDetails object, do you have any suggestions how to proceed? My thoughts is to configure the following to map authorities and to return a UserDetails object which implements OAuth2UserService<OidcUserRequest, OidcUser>.


private OAuth2UserService<OidcUserRequest, OidcUser> oidcUserService() { …

The latter question is just meant as a contribution to the discussion, not something I need help to implement. Using a UserDetails object is very usual in Spring Security, but the documentation does not mention this strategy.