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Do AWS side projects help in getting a job as a fresher ?

HI Im a software developer having 1 yr of experience in spring boot and c# frontend currently prepping for AWS developer associate certification exam.I wanted to know does making side projects count as as experience in aws? Realistically speaking does it help in acquiring job as a AWS developer or be considered for that profile?If yes , in what section or services should I focus my side projects on?(Welcome for any sort of ideas)aws

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The Inquisitor

Hi any experience with AWS is valuable as gold. Learn anything and your price will increase drastically.

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Shravan Kumar B

Any sort of effective side project adds to your portfolio.

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Gayan Hewa

Not everyone understands how AWS works. It will always give you an extra edge over other candidates.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

If you focus your energy on a single side project by trying to best simulate a production workload then yes and strongly recommended that you do so.

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