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SASS, LESS and BOWER configuration for Windows


Step 1 : Install Ruby
Step 2 : Open Command Line
Step 3 : Install SASS

gem install sass

check version

sass -v

Create sass file .scss or.sass

sass input.scss outpit.css
sass style.scss style.css

You can also tell Sass to watch the file and update the CSS
every time the Sass file changes:

sass --watch style.scss:style.css


In general to change the directory to required directory use following command


To check the list of files use the following command


  1. It is node package so node js must be installed before installing less in the pc.
  2. less must be installed globally -g

npm install less -g

  1. To see the available bits of help see the following comments

lessc --help
lessc -h

  1. To convert a less file to a style.css file run the following commands

lessc variable.less style.css

  1. To continuously watch the changes and made the CSS file update run the following command

lessc --watch agency.less custom.css

  1. To check the version of the less

lessc -v


  1. To install bower have to install node.js first as it is a node js package
  2. It must be installed globally

npm install -g bower

  1. To initiate bower in a directory

bower init

  1. Some bower packages

bower install fontawesome
bower install jquery
bower install bootstrap

  1. To check the version of bower

bower -v

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